2 Chainz In The Spotlight With The Law

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You love him. You cruise to his music.You shake your head back and forth. Ladies even claim him as they “baby’sdaddy” and even the males blow they speakers out when they hear his voice. Who exactly am I talking about? He is def known as 2 Chainz. Let me just go off the record by saying that I just got into his music and it is something about his voice that makes me lose control of my body. He has extreme flow.

Well your new favorite rapper was just arrested. Don’t worry guys he’ll get out soon. If he can spend “100,000 dollars on a chain,” then trust me he can pay to get out the jam he is in. He was in the New York airport on his way to North Carolina, when he was about to go through security. Unfortunately, 2 Chainz was carrying brass knuckles in his bag. He was immediately cuffed. Now I have a question. Crudtilowccarce Why in the hell did he have brass knuckles in his bag? Like who does that? Does he not know that security is uptight now-a-days? My bad folks,I said I had a question instead of many questions, but whatever.

He has been charged with a misdemeanor. [SMH] The situation is under control. You know you not famous until the police catch you with something! I just hope he doesn’t continue to follow on this path.

source The YBF

Twitter: @love_impeccable

Written By: Erie

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