2018:Year Of Eternity

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Dear 2017,

Thank you for all the lessons, the tears , the laughter, the pain, the struggle, the triumphs. I really appreciate all of the beautiful things that 2018 will bring and I receive each and every blessing and lesson to come. There were a ton of engagement proposals and babies born. This is the year that all good things come to a head. I look forward to being prosperous and full of insightful intentions. This love that I have found has been so good to me and it took me a full year to no longer be afraid of it. God I thank you for all that you have done and will do.

Let’s toast to a Cardi year!

Hustle yall!

With Love,

Storie Stone


B R I L L I A N T. Successful Project Product. Proud Black Sheep and all around Thoroughbred. 26. Planted in Chicago,IL | Blossomed in Atlanta, GA

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