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“Yes I do. I feel like I’m on the verge of a shift in maturity I can kind of feel it. I realize I’m thinking and doing differently now.”
“I’m not sure if its the wonderful heartaches I’ve been through that have taught me these lessons about maturation but at that point in my life moving forward I worried about my future more than anything else.”
“ Yes because thats when I became a daddy.”

Do you feel like age 24 was or has been a pivotal moment in your life? Was the question I asked several of my closest people right after asking myself. It set on my heart that my life really begin to take a drastic turn for the better the eve of my 24th birthday. 25 is a quarter century and it is a very big accomplishment to see the light of day behind it. But it is age 24 that wakes you up so that you smell the coffee that is being a little closer to 30 than you are to 20.

With mental health or lack there of coming to the light this self reflective wave has been prevalent now more than ever. People are starting to look at themselves and want better, especially those 24+. It’s something about age 24 that makes a light bulb go off in your mind, snapping you into the reality that life is happening fast and makes you believe that you’re running out of time. Allow me to reassure you that you aren’t, but to also put the bug in your ear that it is time to get right.

For those who really want something out of life age 24 is that time to stop dwelling on the dream and begin to figure out ways for it to happen. I met a young guy today, who will be my natural beautician for the remainder of my life (@ffrenchieee) that has a story similar to my own. Moved away from everything he knew back home and came to Atlanta to live his dreams. Slept in a car and made due with what he did and did not have.

He explained how he cried a many nights and contemplated going back to his hometown.But the dream kept him here and fighting. He said it was something about no longer being a kid and being out on his own that made it that much more difficult to just quit and walk away. He desired a better life for himself than what he knew and that age kicking in only put the fire he needed under him to push until something happened.

Most of the time for women and men I’m assuming,begin to start thinking about marriage and children around 26, 28 if we’re really serious about it. But if our lives arent where we would like them to be, financially above anything else ,we shy away from that chance at a different happiness. I have to believe that it isnt a practice to bring children into a life that isnt suitable for them. So those things begin to run through our mind. I know for me it was, wow Ill be 30 soon and I’m still not even a hundred thousand aire.

Not that something was wrong or that I was procrastinating on getting my life together, it was simply oh my goodness, where has the time gone? I desire to have a nice sized house, loving husband and a few children. A set of fraternal twins if the Lord says the same. But I know in my heart that only the idea of that sounds beautiful right now. I hear people say all the time, its never the right time to do something like that. Life doesnt slow down because you want to get married or have a baby. So I’m always just wondering how is it supposed to happen? I applaud the single mothers and I give my heart to the mamas with the lovely protruding bellies out here on public transportation.

I salute those that work well into their last trimester. Its a wonderful sight to see women be so strong. I just always think about myself and how I would handle a situation like that. I am in awe of Serena Williams still winning and taking the tennis industry by storm while pregnant. Beyonce’ too, lips and feet swollen, meanwhile she performs as if nothing is changing around in her body. Its a beautiful sight , but am I capable? I feel like God has given me the man Ill marry, or at least the blue print of what he may be like and I watch him work hard day in and day out to give his son a better life than what he has or even had. Meanwhile, their time together is limited. And its not to throw shade, but it makes me reconsider having children until I can stay home with them if they cry when I’m leaving and not have to worry about missing a day of work. I watched my mom and her mom and all the other moms I know struggle to do both.

Waiting brings that security of being financially set and marriage definitely offers security. Being able to prepare your children with the best takes some sacrificing that can be done before they get here. With all of this apprehension in the air one can only hope that they are making the right decisions moving forward. But it all starts at age 24. Considering the dos and dont of life after 24.

Ensuring that you dont make any mistakes that could become permanent and setting yourself up to be able to provide. 24 needs to be celebrated just as much as 25 is. 24 being right after 23 is nerve wrecking. I’ve read so many stories about how people were just finding themselves and figuring out what they wanted to do for the remainder of their lives at 23. Apparently 23 is scary too. It makes you feel like youre supposed to have it all together, but its nothing close to that. Its actually quite the opposite , between the ages of 23 and 24 we’re all running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to prove to the 30 year old version of us that we are not complete imbeciles.

Working ridiculously hard to learn life inside of a cubicle when all we’ve wanted to do was avoid this. But no one wants to feel like a grown teenager. Even though thats our reality. We’re too old to not have it all together is what we believe so we allow society to be hard on us. This is the time in our lives where we are learning what career focus is. We are learning the benefits of networking and coming out of that shell in order to get to the next level. We are sitting in on the meetings that will change the rest of our lives. Most of us have just got into our first entry level position and still becoming ok with the adjustments from the high of that shiny degree to the low of minimum wage.

I’ve had my moments where I feel like there are things I should just know by default, like taxes and how to handle it when my apartment complex breaches their end of the contract. This is when us 24+ year olds have to say I need help and really mean it to where we can humble ourselves and ask for it. I am an artist in all facets of the word.I write books, poetry, music, and now blogging. I write and sing my own music.

And I’m professionally trained in Contemporary Ballet, so why am I not rich? Because I’m doing something wrong? Because I’m not a Kardashian? What is it? I’ll tell you what it is , its simply not my time. I’m still growing and getting all that I need before the next phase of my life happens. So the next time youre sitting in your desk chair uncomfortable in your business casual (whatever that means) and wondering how’d you get here calm yourself down. Once youre calm and relaxed ask yourself ok where do I go from here? Who do I know that can take me to that next level? What can I do more of to make my dreams happen? I’m 24 now, what will I do at 25 to change my circumstances?

I’m 26 and dreaming with you guys, see you at the top & remember if you are persistent you will get it, if you consistent you will keep it.

With Love ,

Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

B R I L L I A N T. Successful Project Product. Proud Black Sheep and all around Thoroughbred. 26. Planted in Chicago,IL | Blossomed in Atlanta, GA

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