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Do have some of the world’s wildest dreams?
Have you figured out your life goals?
Are you in love, want children and/or marriage pretty soon?
Worried that the two won’t add up?

Let me assure you, that you are not alone in your stress. In this day and age it is very important to understand that dreams and happiness go hand in hand. The hardest thing to do is try to separate what’s your dream and what makes you happy. The both of them share a pertinence so deep that it can and will run you ragged if the two don’t travel the same path. I believe they should definitely be in the same arena, at least one should lead to the other.
It’s quite easy to feel confused or overwhelmed with this particular subject because the things that we love, we want to give it our all. So how do you juggle it all and not have a nervous breakdown?

I look at every day couples, like Boo and myself, the same way I admire Cardi B and Offset or Denzel and Pauletta. They have figured out the secret to gaining the most from their own success, remaining happy and true to themselves and their partners. I’m aware of the fact that any advice given is always going to be taken with a grain of salt because for most people, dreamers especially, they believe that work is life. And it can be, in fact it should be. But it doesn’t have to be tiring or draining at all. Most people, entrepreneurs especially aren’t really looking to balance private & professional, we’re simply just trying to achieve greatness. We suck at “moderation”, we want to do everything big until it extremely overwhelms us and now we’re crying and hyperventilating because we bit off more than we could chew. In my opinion, life is a little easier if you’ve waited to have children. They are beautiful and charming, but they slow you down in your trek to success. For 18 full years, you’re obligated to focus on them. Furthermore, when they get older they need you more than they ever did. So yeah, it’s really no way around that. That said if you can wait, for your sanity, do so. This allows your children to live a happier life with their parents financially stable and interactive as well as opposed to still dream chasing or worse, working for someone else. However, if you do have children. Having the opportunity and abilities to live your best life and really reaching your fullest potential assist you in being the best parent.

Here are four progressive ways to conquer juggling personal and professional so that everyone gets all the love they need from you and for you to sit down somewhere.

1. Don’t feel guilty about chasing your dreams

Misplaced guilt only deters you from going hard towards where you want to be and the life you want to live. Be confident in your stride, it hurts you and your loved one when you aren’t.

2. Don’t be afraid to lean

I can’t express how much of a relief I’ve found in having a partner who is confident enough in our relationship that he is ok with kind of coming “second” to my dreams, and being open to assisting me in clearing our load. Whether it’s cooking and cleaning on their off days or giving you space whenever possible to do what’s necessary to work toward the dream be open to suggestion. Remain open minded to alternative and vocal about how you think things should happen in ways that are conducive to the growth of each party.

3. Most think this should have been #1. Time management! Prioritize with your partner (if you’re in a committed relationship) and work out what needs the most attention and when. I found a creative brainstorming tool called SCAMPER on that is brilliant for the dreamer household.

S = Substitute. Is there a process or equipment that can you can substitute for a current one that will speed up the way you do business?
C = Combine. What time-consuming activities can you combine to save time?
A = Adapt. What are some ideas or processes from other businesses that you can adapt to make you more efficient?
M = Modify. What can you safely minimize in your life?
P = Put to other use. Can you put some staff members to other use by training them to be cross functional?
E = Eliminate. What can you eliminate altogether? This could include processes, attitudes and people.
R = Rearrange. How can you rearrange your regular routine to make it more family-friendly?

4. Last, but equally important don’t look so deep into separating business from pleasure. Instead put them together. With me blogging, writing books, and ALL of the other things I want to do with my life I found it easier and refreshing even to share them with my love. He helps me come up with topics to write about when I’m stuck. He has an undying love for cars with bells and whistled, so he really wants to open a car modifcation business. We are working on that and we make it our duty to talk often about the things I find interest in and vice versa, that way it’s not all about me either. Discussing my work with him has generated some of my best work ideas and different ways to make it my own.

All of these things have made life a lot more fun in my household, and I feel like I get twice as much work done now! We’ll chat.

With Love,

Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised
Here is the link to read the article I retrieved SCAMPER from :

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