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This album has been out for over a week and for me to be stewing over it means a lot.

Before my best friend referred me to Trouble, I didn’t even know that he existed. After being sent “Wazzup Wazzam” and “Kesha Dem” I knew to expect some dope ass production. At first I really didn’t like either one of the tracks, but then I gave ‘Kesha Dem’ a chance and decided that I needed some new music in my life anyway. As first listen, it sounds like some regular old real Atlanta ‘skreet’ music, which I enjoy of course, but then I got to tracks like ‘Ms. Cathy & Ms. Connie’, and it gave me that sense of familiarity that Hip-Hop is supposed to give you.

At that moment, I knew that the album deserved much more than the casual ‘skip around and add’ that I was giving it. The visual for the first track ‘Real Is Rare’ gives me so much life. Trouble came hard and proved his point with his visual, and he included these quotes that are like Hood Bible scriptures. Like the serious one, not just the ones on that silly old twitter page.

I love this album for it’s personal touches and the ability for every person in the hood to honestly relate to at least one track. Trouble did well, he truly made me proud. There is also a visual ‘Bring It Back’ and he continues that cinematic quality throughout which keeps me on edge for this short film titled “EDGEWOOD” that he and MikeWill MadeIt who produced the entire album, have coming out. I also forgot to even mention how high the production level is. I am proud to say that each song sounds different, but doesn’t sound like he has any less of a willingness to record a certain track. I love it!!


Top Five Tracks:

Kesha Dem

Knock It Down

Bring It Back 

Real Is Rare 

Ms. Cathy & Ms. Connie

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