3 Podcasts Black Girls should be listening to!

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I sit in traffic for about 3.5 hours each day and there was a point when I was tired of listening to the radio and music apps. I came across a podcast on twitter and I decided to take a listen. I was so amazed that I had the Podcast app on my phone and I had NEVER EVER listened to one. Let me tell you it is so much better than jamming to your favorite Beyoncé song…and I LOVE Beyoncé! When you listen to podcast you open yourself up to learn and receive things that you may need in life.


Here are 3 podcast that every black girl should be listening to!


The Unwine Podcast


Unwine is a podcast dedicated to the Midwest millennial women. This podcast is hosted by, Jasmine Tyon, Stephanie, and Jasz Jones. I identified with this podcast the most because these women come from where I am from. I found it very easy to relate to their views on different issues going on in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area. From daily life struggles to what’s going on in Hollywood, these women cover all types of topics that ALL black girls need to hear about. Trust me, these women keep it REAL and you will not be disappointed! AND if you are a wine drinker, they share the type wine they are drinking during each episode! Ladies get your glass of wine ready and UNWINE!


How to listen:

IPhone users can subscribe through the Podcast app


Remember to follow them on twitter to keep up with the latest episodes. @UnWineOnline



Black Girl Boss Podcast


This podcast is for all the black girl bosses that need some guidance! I am in the midst of getting my own business together and I have found it hard to find someone to guide me that I trust. The Black Girl Boss Podcast is a support system for women who want to build their own business and for those women who have already established a business that they want to keep afloat. Hosted by Tatum Harrison, who is a certified digital marketing strategist and Milan Mobley who is an entertainment publicist. These women will give you tips and tricks of being a SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur. I love that they always put their own experiences in to play and teach you how to balance your 9 to 5, business, and personal life! Get ready to take notes ladies because this podcast is literally the key to SUCCESS!

How to listen:

IPhone users can subscribe through the Podcast app.


Remember to follow them on Instagram to keep up with the latest episode. @blackgirlbosses



Therapy For Black Girls (The Podcast)


Let’s be honest, having a therapist and being black has always been a taboo. I believe this has been a problem for African Americans when it comes to identifying their mental issues. I know in my family I was always told to pray about it, but sometimes I just needed someone to talk to about my issues. Being able to afford a therapist was also an issue, but Therapy For black Girls is committed to making mental health issues more accessible and relevant for black women. I believe that being mentally healthy is just as important as being physically healthy. When your mind is better…YOU are better. This podcast is hosted by, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. She is a licensed Psychologist in the state of Georgia. She zones in on issues such as break and divorce recovery, depression, work life balance, relationship skills, and self esteem improvement. This is for black women who need to be at peace with any issue they have going on in their life.


How to listen:

IPhone users can subscribe through the Podcast app


Remember to follow on twitter to keep up with the latest episodes @TherapyforBlkGirls



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