31 days of RiRi: “Disturbia”- Day 18

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“Bum bum be dum, bum bum, be dum bum…”

Seriously if you don’t know what song I’m humming, you sleep. It’s none other than Rihanna’s… Wait for it… Wait… “DISTURBIA! It’s like the darkness is the light. DISTURBIA! Am I scaring you tonight?”

As dark as this song is, it fits occasions other than Halloween… surprisingly.  When Rihanna released this, it was a sight to see. The look, the lyrics, and the video was something we’d never seen from Rihanna. Who new that sweet little Robyn could put on a show like this and give a creepy, dark, and demonic track. This was another single from Good Girl Gone Bad (There was 7 in total), I told y’all she was serving. This song was just another layer of Rih’s versatility and creativeness. This song is everything y’all! Something about Rihanna’s tone in this song is so lost and eerie, since that’s the feelings she was going for, she nailed it. She had shown us pop, reggae, club, ballad, rock, and now she got distressed down. Yass Rih.


Did you guys know that Disturbia isn’t a real word, but rather a combination of suburbia and disturb, as in like the suburbs (a place of usual quiet and calmness) has been disturbed.


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