31 Days Of RiRi: Fave RiRi Records- Day 2

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Hey guys! Welcome back to Tea Time with Ci. So today I decided to share my all time ultimate favorite Rih songs, and you know she got a lot of them, so it’s real when you pick some faves. These are not my current faves or radio songs of the moment, nah. These are my top 4 (I know you’re wondering, why not 5, I don’t have a 5th one honestly) favorite tracks from the Bad Girl herself.

          Umbrella ft Jay Z– Now this is arguably Rihanna’s flagship record. The famous “…ella, ella, eh, eh, eh…” will forever be one of the most memorable songs of my generation. This song just brings back so many good memories, I am so personally connected to this song- I even performed it at my 3rd grade talent show. This song is just timeless, it’s everything. The video is perfect, the instrumental is perfect, Jay’s feature, Rih’s voice. The lyrics are nothing too complex, but the song itself is deep. 2009 ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ shorty black hair era Rihanna was EVERYTHING. This isn’t one of those songs that is hot for a week then you never wanna here it again, this songs is always relevant and can appeal to so many situations. Just Listen. I don’t care how many songs she puts out and how many number ones she’s had after this, this will always be my favorite Rihanna song. It is the quintessential Rihanna track. Like it gives me life! This just can’t be redone. No wonder it’s a hit.

   Question Existing– Y’all this song right here! Just yass! I think it was just something about this 2009 Rihanna. This song is Rihanna completely stripped… and that is why I love it. And you know what’s crazy, this song was on ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’, which was the album that made Rihanna into a bonafide superstar, but she was nowhere near the level of fame and notoriety that she is now. I could really imagine her singing it today. We see Rihanna as super star Rihanna but in the song she is begging that we undress her and look beyond the image, the role that she plays and see that she is just like this. She refers to herself as Robyn her birth name, on the track. This was a glimpse into the everyday life of Robyn. I love it, I love it, I love. At the end she speaks to the fact that she is held to a higher standard when people don’t realize that she is one of us.

“Take off my coat, show them that under here, I’m just like you do the mistakes, I may make me a fool or a human with flaws, admit that I’m loss.”

“Dear Diary,

It’s Robyn

Entertaining is something I do for a living

It’s not who I am, I’d like to think that I’m pretty normal,

I laugh, I get mad, I hurt, I think

Guys suck sometimes,

But when you’re in the spotlight,

Everything seems good,

Sometimes I feel like i have it worst because I have to always keep my guard up,

I don’t know who to trust, I don’t know who wants to date me for who I am,

Or who wants to be my friend for who I really am,”


^^^ That’s deep. Rihanna keep being open with us. I’m so here for it

    Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary– This song is off her ‘Unapologetic” album and I don’t really know what attracts me so much to this song, but something about it is just that. I’m a sucker for two part songs ( I think it’s Drake’s fault, because he’s the king of them.) The song just tells a beautifully heartbreaking story. It’s so raw and so real, and so genuine. The Mother Mary part is against a glimpse at the real Rihanna, the person. It’s honest. Rihanna has herself written all over it. These songs together are so different and could really stand on their own, but I think that’s why they work so well together.

    What’s My Name– I’m gonna be honest, this is one of my favorites strictly because of Drake’s verse. Nothing else. It just so punny (get it.) Like come on, those metaphors were amazing ( the square root of 69 is 8 something- right.) It does not get better than that. The music video is great, Rihanna’s Loud era with red hair is by far my favorite, and the two had great chemistry. The oh na na is cute, too. But seriously, it’s because of Drake.

Who knows what my 5th favorite of all time will be, if I ever pick one. Maybe it’s an underground Rihanna song I have yet to hear, something really popular that I never noticed in a new way, or is it something off her upcoming album Anti

Honorable Mentions:

Love The Way Lie part 2 ft Eminem

Diamonds Remix ft Kanye West

The ENTIRE Good Girl Gone Bed, the whole thing is golden, this is her best work, I don’t care what anyone says. If you’ve listened before, go listen again. This album is everything an album should be, it will never go away. GGGB is Rihanna’s Thriller.

These are my 4 go to Rihanna song’s for any given time. These just… they’re her best work in my opinion. I just had to share these with you because they deserve so much attention. Like someone bring them back real quick. And remember, you can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh.
Bye Babes!! 🙂

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