5 Things To Do In Chicago

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The other day when I was waiting for the red line there was a man from San Diego asking us for directions to the Chicago Symphony Theater and no one was really able to tell him. He was so surprised because we all live here and didn’t know, walking away saying “This is one of the crown jewels of the city.” And it got me thinking how so many of us are Chicago natives but haven’t experienced major Chicago landmarks.

So here are 5 that I think we all should at least experience.

  1. Explore the Northside of the City

Usually, those of us from out west and out south stay in our areas and downtown, but the city is so much bigger than that. One day, get up and take the red line past the Water Tower and see what’s up there. You might  discover something you love.

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     2. Go to downtown Evanston

I know Evanston isn’t Chicago, don’t come at me for that, but I do think it is too close to be uncharted territory for Chicagoans. It’s right there…get on the purple line. They’ve got all kinds of events going on in downtown Evanston. And good food! Trust me, it’s worth the trip.

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   3. Attend a Play or Musical

Chicago is one of the US capitals for live show performances. I know it may seem lame and I didn’t think I’d like it either, but every show I’ve seen here I really enjoyed. The venues are beautiful and you’ll have a new appreciation for stage productions. Do it just to say you did it- get cultured.

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    4. Visit Christkindlmarket

This is one of the holiday gems of the city, attracting over a million people each year. I actually went to the mart in the evening after seeing a play and it was a spectacle! Go experience it, try some snacks, buy a blanket or something.

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   5. Eat some real Chicago pizza

I know we all love our Pizza Hut, Italian Fiesta, Little Caesars, or whatever your preference is. But because we’re from Chicago, let’s make the splurge and go to a classic Chicago pizza place for some deep dish or thin crust.

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BONUS: Explore Exibits

These are the things we haven’t done since we went on elementary school field trips. Let’s go back! Museums, Aquarium, Planetarium, Zoos, all that. And there’s lots of free days for Chicago residents- no excuse!

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These things aren’t just for the tourists; they’re for you, too! Enjoy your city.

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