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So in the midst of getting lost and loving all that there is to be HER, I️ forgot that there was a HIM.
Upon looking at his album I️ noticed that it was basically the inverse of the tracks release by HER. For example, her first track is “Losing”, his first track is “Winning”. Her second track is “Avenue”, his is “Boulevard”. Her fourth track is “Lights on”, his is “Lights out”. It’s kinda cute.
I️t gives everything so much more complexity, and with similar melodies yet different instrumentals, they mesh perfectly in an interesting way. But there are three things that I get mainly from listening to HIM:
  • In the scene new generation type guy
  • Lyrical samples galore
  • I️ like boulevard for its playfulness. Not too much for its actual content or concept. This song also makes me think that he doesn’t have vocals.and honestly some of the lyrics are corny. And corny lyrics in RnB songs make me cringe.

So with that being said, we really could’ve done without having a HIM. I hope this wasn’t a marketing idea, because his music isn’t on her level.

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