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Tupac Amaru Shakur has been one of the most influential entertainers in history. From his music to the big screen he ruled the early 90’s! He was not only remembered for his talent, but as well as his intellect.


Tupac fans around the world were delighted to hear rumors of a biopic being created over the past 11 years. And we were finally able to put those rumors to rest when the trailer for All Eyez On Me debuted a few months ago! The countdown began as fans anxiously counted down the days to be able to get a glance at the untold story of his life.

All Eyez On Me premiered on what would have been his 46th birthday, June 16, 2017. I was lucky enough to be one of the few to see the film before it hit theaters nationwide.

The Icon Theater in Chicago hosted a red carpet for a few of the key people that were heavily involved in the film.

L.T. Hutton was one of the executive producers of the film. He is a Chicago native who worked closely with some of the record labels that Tupac Shakur was signed to. Before the movie began he talked to the theater and spoke with us about a few of his experiences during the making of the film. To see what he had to say about the movie before and after. Use the link below!


Also in attendance at the premiere were actors Chris Clarke (Shock G) and Jarrett Ellis (Snoop Dogg). They shared just as much as excitement about the film as L.T.


The movie was flooded with seasoned actors, but newcomer Demetrius Shipp Jr. stole the show. His likeness to Tupac Shakur made me watch, but his connection to who Tupac was made me listen.


The film started off with giving us much needed detail about Tupac Shakur’s mother, Afeni Shakur. The Walking Dead Star, Danai Gurira , made me shed a few tears. We all know she was an activist in the 60’s, but to see all the things she encountered while being a mother was soul rattling.


What I liked most about the film was they didn’t just show the glamorous gangsta details about his life, but they showed him in a classroom learning, they showed him speaking with intelligence and I feel like it is so important to give this generation that side of life. Whether you want to be a rapper or a doctor…education is the KEY to success.



I was very anxious to figure out how deep of a connection Tupac had with Jada Pinkett-Smith who was portrayed by Kat Graham. There was an episode they did together for A different World and their on-screen vibe was amazing and I could only imagine what they were like off-screen. Although I wish I would have gotten a little more detail about it, I appreciate that they included this aspect of his life in the film.


The most memorable “beef “in hip-hop history has always been Biggie V.S. Tupac, East Coast V.S. West Coast. The film offered a first hand look by creating a cross over between All Eyez on Me and Notorious. Jamal Woolard blessed the big screen as Biggie again and the film gave us a true understanding as to why this beef started between them.


I don’t want to spoil the film for you too much, but overall All Eyez On Me gave a great representation of Tupac Shakur’s life. It also gave us a lot of messages throughout the entire film. The world we live in today is not much different from Tupac Shakur’s time and everything he spoke about in his interview while incarcerated deeply resonates with Black America today.


If you haven’t already seen the film, please go take a look at it yourself!





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