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With the release of a new, improved, and highly appreciated album, I can truly say that I am proud of J.Cole!

This is more than an album review. At this point he is above all rap artists for the next week or so in my opinion. Like really from Music Matters tours with BET to Killing Our Demons, beginning to end, alpha to omega I have an honest joy through my body since I am fully able to say that Cole has grown. And I don’t mean just him getting older, or a style switch up. But he has allowed his fans to have a full display of his potential and his self actualization.

So with that being said, I feel like the work in each of his albums deserves to be talked about and adored:

Cole World: The Sideline Story


We needed this from Cole as a debut album. He truly let us know that not only could he rap, but he was just like that cool normal dude from down the street that speaks when he sees you. People really downplayed this album, but it gave us “Cant’t Get Enough”, “Nobody’s Perfect”, “In The Morning”, and basically every other great track that was there. It’s like he has the perfect mix of tracks that attracted the females, but also the guys who needed something lyrical. And in retrospect I feel as though Cole couldn’t have come and debuted at a better time.

Born Sinner

I will admit that I really didn’t mess with this album. But I understood it. You have this debut years before that puts you on the map, gets your features, attracts all the fame you need,  then you start to show everybody the real you. Fully lyrical, introspective, threatening, and full of talent. The instrumentals on this album, allowed him to show his musicality, and he had a hit radio single with “Power Trip”. There were a lot of tracks that at the time weren’t my favorites, but I’ll forever feel like this song came at the right time.

2014 Forest Hills Drive

If I have to really explain why this album was important then stop reading, go listen, and even then don’t come back because you are not welcome here. From “Intro” to “Note To Self”, this was THE project. If you didn’t know who Cole was before this you definitely knew after this. After listening to every song in the shower, on my way to school, and really every day this is definitely my favorite J Cole album. It attracted a lot of bandwagon fans, but those who felt what he said get a pass. “‘o3 Adolescence” really touched my heart and made me look at Cole as the storyteller that he is.

4 Your Eyez Only

This is where he lost me kinda. This album let the bandwagon fans really fall off. This project was so special, intimate and left me feeling vulnerable for Cole. I have yet to see an artist besides Jay Z be so candid in an album and I feel as though it was a great lead up to KOD.


This album came out today, and I listened to it this morning knowing I was going to write about it, so I have a lot to say. First of all, he didn’t come for Lil Pump. I mean who even is that? HE CAME FOR EVERYBODY. If I were Quavo even, I would feel threatened. “KOD” the song really went hard honestly and was honestly the best opening track that I’ve heard Cole do, like ever. “Photograph” made me feel this love, and made me disown this new generation of game playing, snitching, and double tapping. Skipping around, I feel like “ATM” proved that yes Cole has been around for while, but don’t let that fool you. He can make hit and a dope ass video still like it’s nothing. “Motiv8” has this slight Lil Kim sample which makes me love it even more once I caught on to it. This track is truly a favorite and I can’t wait to lip sync this on Snapchat once I get my hair done. “Kevin’s Heart” was also a favorite and I feel like the name was a bit shady though. Listen to the song so y’all can see what I mean. Up until the end of the album Cole goes back to being introspective and vulnerable which we love him for. The beats are honestly insane, and I cannot wait until I am fully able to listen to them by themselves. Now this last song? Bro. I feel like he went allllll the way in. This might be my favorite J. Cole song ever to be honest. I won’t spoil anything, but he said so much that I had been feeling man.

Overall, this album went hard and that is the full truth.

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