Appreciating “Thug Love” by Chinx ft. Jeremih

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So one day I was chilling next to my S.O. and this song came on through the speakers.
I never listened to a song by Chinx. And usually when people are in the news, I tend to take a listen to see what type of artist they are but even when he passed I think I was a little too young and still listening to whatever my parents decided, which definitely was not CokeBoyz Ent.
This track is a lowkey, we know what’s going on and that’s all that matters type of track which I love. Chinx doesn’t say too much in his verses and this Jeremih feature is genius. And it’s not just like he’s singing the same words over and over again, it has substance.
The instrumental is also golden so shouts out to (producer). It still has some of that hood taste and walks a fine line between RnB, and rap.

I love this and have played it on repeat before so go check it out y’all!

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