Are Failed Relationships Queen Naija’s Only Source Of Inspiration?

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We all know or have at least heard of the up and coming star Queen Naija. If not, just know that she rose to fame through YouTube and she’s now releasing music. A few months ago she released her song called “Medicine” and her most recent song is called “Karma.” She wrote “Medicine” about her failed relationship with ex-husband Chris Sails. Their relationship trended on YouTube and other social media outlets, there was a big cheating scandal and they split up. She came out right on time with her song explaining what they went through. Since everyone was already in their business about the split, the song was the perfect icing on the cake and her fan base shot up, and of course Sails’ sunk as he plays the villain in both her songs. Like “Medicine,” “Karma” also explains what she went through in the relationship and how Sails treated her.

In a recent interview, Queen explains how she plans to write all her songs on real life events that she faces. Does she plan to write all her songs on the heartbreak she faced with her ex-husband? The only reason the songs received any attention is because everyone was following up on their marital issues. If she plans to base her whole career on this failed relationship and heartbreak, her career won’t last long at all because people will get tired of hearing about the same situation.

People are now watching the relationship between her and her new friend Clarence, they’re so close that people believe they’re more than friends.. They send out little hints and teasers to get their fans excited about their relationship through their YouTube videos and Instagram posts. Would their relationship be the next source to Queen’s music? Her new, happy, and successful relationship, or how she came from heartbreaks to happiness? Guess we won’t know until a new track drops.


By Taliah Brooks, Junior, Westinghouse

Instagam: @im.liahh

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