Are You A Clout Chaser?

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Clout is not something that everybody on social media strives for, but once it is sought after it becomes an addiction. Many people have social media personalities that don’t reflect who they are in real life. Social media is a platform where you can become who you want to appear to be. Being famous is not reserved for the “bigger than life” athletes or Grammy Award-winning singers. Anybody with an account on Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook can showcase their talent and easily reach thousands (or more) of people.

The access to the entire world is a both a curse and a blessing. Having fans is cool, but how far you would go to keep those fans entertained is the problem. From new challenges to messy pranks, there are incredible lengths people on social media are willing to go to gain the most followers and subscribers. We see it on our timelines and recommended videos. Couples pranking each other to broadcast their relationships and gain support. Some even put those close to them on blast through vlogs for the entertainment of others. In a day and age when every moment of your life can be seen by everyone, the need to be “someone” online becomes more important than being someone important in real life.

The point is, the price you pay for being popular on social media shouldn’t be your sanity or privacy. People aren’t entitled to know everything that happens in your life. Some people can lose themselves and forget who they are simply after logging into an account. For those using social media for business, learn how to build a brand without showing the world everything. Trying to please everyone is strenuous and it will effect your mental health.


By Triniti Maye, Freshman, Saint Xavier University

Instagram: @t.rinit.i

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