#askJACKS: Who Should Pay On A Date?

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Over generations chivalry has deteriorated. Nowadays, relationships like our great-grandparents had sound like fairy tales and corny romance movies. There’s not a lot of afternoon picnics anymore or buying her a single rose from a street vendor while on a stroll downtown. However, dates still surprisingly exist. So let’s say you and a male “friend” have been enjoying late night phone conversations, texting, FaceTiming, etc.. And finally! He asks you out on a date. Problem is: you’re not sure if you should pay, if you guys will split the bill or if he will pay for the entire date. #askJACKS: Who exactly should pay on a date?

Answer 1)

The guy should always pay. I grew up in a family where my step-dad always paid no matter what. He’d pull out his wallet even if we were out with a lot of other people. For him, being a man means he should pay. Seeing him do this shaped my mindset. The guy should always pay. Now, I do think that it’s a smart idea to bring your own money just in case.

Answer 2)

Just plan to “Go Dutch.” If you are only responsible for yourself, you do not have to worry about the burden of overspending and hindering the other person from getting whatever they please. Now that does not mean that one should not pay for both every once in a while.

Answer 3)

Depends on the status of the relationship. If it’s the first date then the man should always pay! But if you’ve been in a relationship for a significant amount of time then the woman shouldn’t have any problem paying every now and then, or if her man is in a tough spot. Now this doesn’t mean that the man can get comfortable with the thought of his woman paying all the time. Ultimately, a man should be paying 90% of the time—with FEW EXCEPTIONS.

Answer 4)

The guy should start paying for the dates when the relationship is new. However, it should be more of an equal balance if the status officially becomes boyfriend and girlfriend. If the girl really wants to be with the guy out in public she should pay. Remember that sometimes the guy doesn’t always have the money to pay for the date.

So, what’s been your experience? Let us know in the comments below and on social media.


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