August Alsina Cancels London Concert

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Looks like Mr.Sexy himself is still not feeling good. August cancelled his London tour due to his illness. A little over a month ago, he slipped into a coma and to my surprise he was right back to music weeks later. But was this a little too soon for him? He has been forbidden to travel because it is too risky. According to, August’s reps sent this statement:

“Due to the well-publicized fall from a stage in New York last month which caused August to be hospitalized for more than a week, his medical team has advised him that it would be unwise to travel such distance so soon into his recovery. August has asked us to convey his disappointment and sadness that he will be unable to perform.”

Kevin Hart also heard that August cancelled his tour and talked to the media. He stated, “Naturally, our thoughts and well wishes go out to this young talent. August and I have spoken and to say he is disappointed is an understatement, but he is also wise enough to realize that his health must take priority over anything else – even my showcase!”

We really hope he feels better soon and takes it slow. Your fans will understand if you take a break.

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