Basic Safety Rules For Your Next Party Moves

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We all know what summer is notorious for: parties. From sweet sixteens to pool parties, teens of Chicago are always in search for the fun the next “move” can bring. Although parties can bring tons of fun, sometimes as teenagers, we fail to take into account the danger that parties can bring too. To stay safe this summer, read the tips below and keep them in mind at the next party you attend.

Do a little research on the hosts of the party beforehand.

You never want to end up at a party where you don’t fit the age range and you know no one. To prevent being uncomfortable, do your research. Find out who the host is and where the party is located. If something about the information that you collect doesn’t feel right, this might not be the party for you.

If unfamiliar with a party, go with a friend you’re comfortable with.

You never know what can happen at a party, so it’s always good to keep a trusted friend by your side. That way, you can prevent being uncomfortable in an unfamiliar setting. Also, just in case some drama jumps off, you’ll always have backup support from your friend and vice versa.

Let your parents know your location.

Yes, it may be annoying, but when it comes down to it, your parents should know where you are going to be at all times just in case something happens.

Keep an eye on your drink.

No matter what, always, always, always keep an eye on your beverage. Keep your hand covered over it if you have to. The malicious intentions of others is not always noticeable. All it takes is a second for someone to slip you a roofie, take advantage of you, and ruin all your fun.

We all want to enjoy ourselves this summer. However, remember to take safety precautions before attending your next move! It’s always better to be safe than to be sorry.


By Sullivan Anderson,  Junior, Jones College Prep

Twitter: @amoursullivan/ Snapchat: @justcallmesully

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