Beyoncé Drops ‘Lemonade’ Album & Visual HERE

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We all knew queen Beyoncé was set to release her exclusive HBO mini-documentary last night and she did just that. What we didn’t know is she would drop her album “Lemonade” right with it. The internet went crazy when the queen of pop gave us what we’ve been asking for. The album we have been waiting for, for a little over three years. The album is also a full visual which you can exclusively stream and watch on Tidal hereThis is a new Beyonce’ vibe pouring out more feelings than she ever has done. This is her 6th solo studio album to be released. Every single person who listens to the album must also watch the visual. You are sure to have a new favorite joint from her. Check out the credits for this masterpiece below! Also you can see a sneak peak of the visual below!



1. “Pray You Catch Me” [Produced by Kevin Garrett and Beyoncé]
2. “Hold Up” [Produced by Diplo, Beyoncé and Ezra Koenig]
3. “Don’t Hurt Yourself” feat. Jack White [Produced by Jack White and Beyoncé]
4. “Sorry” [Produced by Melo-X, Beyoncé and Wynter Gordon]
5. “6 Inch” feat. The Weeknd [Produced by DannyBoyStyles, Ben Billions, Beyoncé and Boots]
6. “Daddy Lessons” [Produced by Beyoncé]
7. “Love Drought” [Produced by Mike Dean #MWA for Dean’s List ]
8. “Sandcastles” [Produced by Beyoncé and Vincent Berry II]
9. “Forward” feat. James Blake [Produced by James Blake and Beyoncé]
10. “Freedom” feat. Kendrick Lamar [Produced by Jonny Coffer, Beyoncé and Just Blaze]
11. “All Night” [Produced by Diplo and Beyoncé]
12. “Formation” [Produced by Mike Will Made-It and Beyoncé]

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