BIA In Charge!

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I’m real real real excited to talk about my new discovery! So you know how you doing ya homework at the crack of dawn and you have YouTube on autoplay, and somehow I jumped from Lil Mama, (Shouts out to her bro, she’s really doing her thing) to BIA.

I know y’all like who the heck, well shawty has been out for about 3 years now, but as far as the popular music scene, she’s been signed to Pharrell’s new label, I Am Other for about 2 years. To meet him, he gave her a song and she wrote 16 bars, after she spit, Pharrell gave her the song because of course it was homicide.

She’s a Puerto Rican and Italian mix from the streets of Boston, and I can tell that she’s been around nothing but the real from the beginning. Self Proclaimed “Perico Princess” she is the perfect mix between spanish,trap, and hip hop. She released an EP called All Around The World. I’m really loving this girl, and not just because she’s one of the only quality female artists we have out now, but because we don’t have anybody else like her. Y’all need to get up on her B.


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