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I had a moment. I literally set at the computer at my job and had to cover my face to stop myself from crying while applying to jobs in my field. Working this call center job at 26 with a BA in Mass Communication from a prestigious university and all this talent, hurts. But its a soulful pain. I feel like I supposed to be further in life than this and sometimes it gets the best of me. My mom told me to write down all of the things that sadden me possibly over a bottle of wine and cry about them. Have a really long, dreadful cry, write these things down on a sheet of paper so that once I’ve gotten all my cry out and prayed, I could burn it and let it blow in the wind.

Mama knows best right?

So I tried it and heres where that lead me. I wasnt even able to get through the list without realizing that I didnt have much to cry or complain about. Sure, I’m not a world renowed author or writing for a “big” company that would showcase my work to the world. But, I do have True Star, which essentially is the same thing. My work touches all social platforms and I’m not sure how many eyes have seen what I created. The same with my books! To date there are 206K reads documented for my coming of age series and 11K for my stand alone. So looking back I’m on the right path, its really just a matter of remaining consistent.

Continue to drop knowledge ad inspire those around me. God will lead me to my next task. I repeat that to myself at least three times a day. I read an article by XONecole about the journey of Nina Parker and I guess thats what provoked the tears. Her life and how she started over at 27 was tear jerking for me. I knew that taking this leap of faith would only lead me to other big test on the questions of life. She started her life over with a plan and I guess what made me cry was that I didnt have one. I was just so sick of my old life that I yearned for a new one.

I wrote out that list and I looked it over only to realize that it wasnt a written dialogue of things that made me sad, it was merely a reflection of the conversations I’ve had with my best, my mom, my man. A blatant showcase of my overreacting! Sometimes we get so caught up in where we feel like we’re supposed to be, or what we’re supposed to be doing we forget to embrace where we are. Just like last year, this year has taught me so much about myself that I never would have been able to comprehend had I not moved here and took it upon myself to take in the lessons from each experience.

I was very stuck on what I wanted to write about to start the month of June, so I took my time. I stepped away from the laptop and just hoped that life gave me some gems to give to you all. I’m still in the garden picking the prettiest flowers because I know they have the ugliest thorns. This one wont be long because I’m still grasping this concept of dancing in the rain. Understanding that the sun wont feel so good if it wasnt for pain.

Happy June all.

With Love,

Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

B R I L L I A N T. Successful Project Product. Proud Black Sheep and all around Thoroughbred. 26. Planted in Chicago,IL | Blossomed in Atlanta, GA

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