#Blacklivesmatter…In My Words

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For more than three years, the black lives matter movement has grown rapidly and its purpose is to advocate the importance of African American lives. My question is, do black lives matter and what are we willing to do to prove that?

Now, of course, with me being a proud African American, I support other black lives but does that mean I have to be Anti-everyone else?

I understand why the movement came about, which is simply because black lives have been under appreciated for a long time, but in the process of defending our race I feel we have disrespected other races. While trying to uplift one race, we have begun downing other races which is exactly what went wrong in the first place. Black people have ‘blamed’ white people for the problems and situations they are dealing with currently and have dealt with in the past. A lot of these problems are brought on by ourselves.

I mean don’t get me wrong, but can you blame white people for the increased rate of black-on-black crime? Or is it everyone else’s fault the percentage of African American graduates from college is significantly lower than white graduate rates? I agree that some of the laws and restrictions set aside have made it much harder for black people to achieve certain things, but it is not impossible. There are plenty of successful black people in the world and while they’re gravely outnumbered, they are there. More acknowledgement and involvement opportunities should be available for African American, but devaluing white people as a whole is like trying to fight fire with fire. You’ll only produce more fire. Simply put, blaming white people for all of the problems that black people face is not going to make anyone better.

If we all can’t come together as one whole, we won’t get far at all. We have to stop thinking of each other as a separate race and think of the human race. Things will definitely start to change.

I’m not a big social media user, but I do frequent Tumblr often and all over my dashboard is multiple black users bashing a white user for their opinion. So a white guy responded and questioned how pro black their usernames were. There is a fight that has gone viral, where in it a black girl is hammering this white girl’s face in for calling her a ni**a. Now okay that’s bad for the white girl to call her a ni**a out of hatred and for the black girl punching her face in. But what’s even worse? The comments under the video were all comments from black people applauding what they had just seen.  Why is it okay to be so wrapped up in one’s own emotions that the well-being of another person is obsolete? And this is all because of the color of her skin.

Racism is alive and well and it is going to destroy our generation and all the generations after it if nobody will put forth the effort to do so. All lives matter.

By K’liya Coopwood


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