Body Count: It’s Only Important As You Make It

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You don’t even understand the amount of times the phrase “What’s your body count?” has come up when discussing new flings with friends. For those who don’t know, the phrase is equivalent to asking: “How many people have you been sexually active with?”

Like many things in life, there’s a stereotype that lingers with the answer to this invasive question. In this generation, boys are looked at as “kings” or “the man” if they’ve been sexually involved with numerous women, but if women allude to being sexual with numerous partners they’re labeled as “sluts,” “easy,” and “non-respectable.” Ah, we live in such a fair world, right?

(PSA to any boys reading this: Bragging about how many girls you’ve slept with isn’t attractive. Also, it most likely won’t make the average girl want to sleep with you either.)

Certain women have come to terms with the fact their “worth” or “value” will always be connected to their sexually and non-sexually actions. However, there are other groups of women who proudly advocate for women to be able to wear, do, or say anything they want by participating in “slut walks.”

This is an annual event that Amber Rose advocates in support of women, and their right to individuality and freedom. Women should not receive so much backlash and pressure to be perfect and fit the standards of a patriarchal society. What’s ironic about these standards is that men don’t seem to have to follow them. They pride themselves in bragging about how many women they’ve been with, but in reality, that just increases their chances of getting an STD. Doesn’t seem so cool anymore, huh?

Now, I’m not saying that both women and men should be nuns or only engage with one sexual partner, nor am I saying, go wild and just sleep with anyone. The moral of the story is that if “body count” matters to you, then act accordingly with your sexual actions and address this with your partner. It’s important to always be honest about however many people you’ve been with sexually and any risks you may have encountered in dealing with so many partners.

If someone’s body count matters to you, that doesn’t mean you’re immature. If someone’s body count doesn’t matter to you, that doesn’t mean you’re “easy” either. Find a common ground with your sexual partner between your perspectives and values on the matter. It’s only a big deal or not if you make it out to be.


Kori Barnes, Senior, Homewood-Flossmoor High School

Twitter: @korixnicole

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