Bring It!: Dancing Dolls Of Jackson, Mississippi


“In the past 10 years, no other dance team has won as many trophies. Being a Dancing Dolls is not easy. You gotta be tough, if you want to make the cut. I expect nothing less than perfection for all my girls. In my studio there is no room for crying or complaining…I push these girls because I know they can go far.”

-Diana Williams, Dance Coach of Dancing Dolls

Dancing Dolls dance coach Diana Williams is one tough teacher. Bring It! is an one hour show jam packed with lots of yelling, tears, dancing, Diana Williams, Dancing Dolls and their parents. Many have already described this show as “the knock off Dance Moms” or “the black Dance Moms”, but here is what I got from the first episode.


The show, initially is a lot to take in all at once. You have Diana Williams screaming at the kids, the kids crying, the moms yelling at Williams, Williams lashing back, on top of watching these girls prepare for competition. Because the show is based around the girls preparing and performing at competition, you get to see the routines. The girls put in a lot of hard work and effort into their routines, but the dances that are being taught are inappropriate. All of the Dancing Dolls are girls between the ages of 9 and 13. As the viewer you are subject to watching little girls shake and smack their butts- something that is completely inappropriate for girls that age. Although the dancing is inappropriate, Williams is a great dance teacher. She continues to encourage and push these girls to put their all into what they do. She teaches them things like building tough skin, being confident in themselves, and putting all of their effort into everything they do, which are lessons that can be applied later on in life.

All in all Bring It is pretty entertaining and there is something that watchers can take away from this show-whether it be good or bad!

Click the link below to watch the first episode of Bring It! What do you think?


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  1. I really love your team my caree is to be a cheerleader or dancer im yall hero my family looks up to yall do good on your nexts performance call pleazs (985)2223452

  2. Ms. Dianna, My dream was always to be a DANCER i dance all the time i dance when i wake up when i go to sleep when i eat when i get dress….. u get the point and i would love to be on ur team but im all the way in Columus,Ohio and i dont kno when tryouts are so thats a bummer but i just wish and hope anyways if i dont get to ill just watch the season and one thing is I WILL MISS KAYLA #SAD BUT NOW DAT SHE’S LEAVING I EITHER WANT CALEDA OR CAMRYN TO BE CAPTAIN MY OPINON, IMA DANCING DOLL IMA DANCING DOLL I LOVE ALL OF MS DIANNA PICK UP LINES SHE’S HILARIOUS ANYWAYS LET ME STOP CUZ I CAN GO ON ALL DAY SO LOVE YALL ########TEAM DD4L

  3. I love Diana. She is such a great teacher. I am a white 65 yr. old in Wisconsin and love seeing these girls give
    Their ALL. I think Sunjai’s mother should just BUTT out! Now her daughter wants this and she has screwed this
    Up for her…

  4. Kaila09 says:

    I wish I new how to dance like y’all !!!!!! SHAKAILA JONES

    • Kaila09 says:

      I love Diana. She is the great smart teacher.I’m a black 12 yr . In Memphis tn and I love the girls And I love watching y’all show on tv I can’t wait to it come on July 23 2014

  5. sunjai says:

    miss d is yall in jackson or memphis tn i will love to try-out

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