Buy The Book! The Clover Chronicles: Battling Brelyn is Worth Reading

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If you’re looking for a good book to read I have a suggestion. The Clover Chronicles: Battling Brelyn, by Mya Kay, hit the masses on April 4th of this year and is now available at Amazon.

Out of 10 stars, I would rate this book an eight. In the book, 15-year-old Brelyn Clover was diagnosed with lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks its own healthy cells and tissues, in some cases causing joint pain throughout the whole body. Brelyn is a sophomore in high school like much of the author’s intended audience. In her family everybody has some type of business. Brelyn is currently running a body fitness class at the local community center. After she receives the information about her health she is forced to put her business online instead of running classes. She is really upset but finds a way to deal with it. Saith Richards, a new neighbor, has moved in next door and they become really good friends. Brelyn likes her relationship with Saith and this is like her escape from reality.       

So, I really enjoyed the book because for one, I could relate to it in some ways. The reasons I could relate to the book is because just like Brelyn I am a sophomore and 15 years old, I also understood her relationship between school, family, personal life, and social life. She tried to balance her life out with all of these factors, which I feel she was very successful at. She balanced these things by making a schedule, separating her time equally, and most importantly, communicating. 

Throughout the book I liked how the author brought up certain situations but would not expand on the situation until later chapters. This made me feel like an engaged reader because I was always wondering what was going to happen next. This kept me on the edge of my seat and on the inside I was feeling like Brelyn in certain situations. Every time I thought I figured something out there was a plot twist that proved me wrong.

Throughout the book I had some questions about some of the choices the author made. For example, I questioned whether she was basing the storyline off her personal experience or if this was something happening in her family?

I think this book would teach teenage girls about having self-efficiency, believing in yourself, staying strong when times get hard, to never give up, and always hope for the best. To me, this book teaches the meaning and importance of life. Overall, Battling Brelyn was interesting and I would recommend it to girls my age.

By Lexi Shadlow, Sophomore, Morgan Park High School


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