California College Tour: University of Southern California

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Ahhhhhh…sweet SC. The flagship private school of Southern Cali.

Now, prior to stepping on campus, I knew SC was my dream school, but this visit just solidified it.

USC is everything I could want and more in a university.

Not only will I earn an impeccable business education, I will have access to a world renowned MBA program as well as the incredibly strong Trojan alumni family.

I wanted a school that allows me to make great connections, study abroad, live in apartments as a freshman, in central Los Angeles, makes transit easy, and has a reputation in both business and entertainment. USC gives me all of that.

I just love it. I vowed that I would not buy any college spirit gear until I knew where I was going, but USC was an exception.

Fun Facts:

  • There will be an on campus City Target
  • Dr. Dre has a studio on campus
  • SC students get to see major movies before their red carpet premiere
  • Uber is FREE for SC students
  • Legally Blonde was shot here
  • SC has been Harvard U in movies more than Harvard
  • Trojan is not really the SC mascot, it’s a white horse. SC adopted the Trojan slogan because in the early 20th century, a sports journalist described the SC track team as fighting on like the Trojans of Rome.

Not to mention that upon graduation I’ll have 3 bachelors degrees…within 4 years.


Next Stop: Chapman University

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