Can Your Long Distance Love Withstand The College Years?

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When I was younger, I always thought that long distance relationships were easy to maintain. Yes, the distance could take a toll, but if you want it badly enough it will work. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that many people in long distance relationships suffer different complications that result in separation. But, there are some exceptions.


Usually, couples who are both attending the same college after high school have a more likely chance of staying together. But, for instance, if you’re attending college on the west coast and your significant other on the east coast, it’s projected to fail. Some couples in my graduating class this year plan to try out the long distance route and put forth the effort into maintaining their relationship. I have a friend named Ryan attending Mizzou in the fall as a freshman and she believes her relationship is strong enough to compete against the distance. Although, it does help that Mizzou isn’t far from her boyfriend that attends college in Chicago. They plan to make it work by visiting one another all the time and rotating their schedules around each other. She does, however, have some concerns about how college can sometimes cause people to drift apart. There’s always facetime and Skype to incorporate your significant other into your new life at college. But even with these things your partner can feel at times neglected in your new world.


With the new scenery, vibe, and people on campus, it can be almost tempting to cut ties with everything that defined who you were in high school. College is a fresh start, a place for new beginnings and new memories your significant other won’t be able to share with you.

I’m definitely not against long distance relationships. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic that love will always be enough to beat the odds. Frankly, I think I’d be great at a long distance relationship in college, but the emotional turmoil of being away from your significant other is completely understandable.


In order for long distance relationships to truly function in a healthy way, trust, reassurance, and effort are the main factors that need to be in the equation. My friends who will be experimenting with long distance love in the fall are a little nervous, but they’re confident their relationship is strong enough to work.


Just like everything in life, if you want something bad enough you will find a way to get it. That includes love.


By Kori A. Nicole Barnes, Senior, Homewood-Flossmoor High School

Twitter: @korixnicole

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