CB And Karrueche Could Be Doing Couples Therapy

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Don’t read the title again. You read it right the first time. Looks like Karrueche is trying to convince Chris that getting some real help will help them with their issues. Not necessarily on the show though. An alleged source has reported that Kay wants to go on a couples retreat/vacation to resolve their issues. The source told hollywoodlife.com this:

“One of the things she hates most in life is fighting with Chris. It’s pointless and it tears them apart for weeks and even months. She’s tired of the fighting and the ups and downs and wants things to be smooth with them. She’s asking him to find the time between all his obligations to take a few days, just the two of them, and go to an island somewhere. It could be the Caribbean. Mexico. Hawaii. Anywhere. She thinks a little time alone with the two of them would be what he needs and she’ll take care of all the therapy he needs.”

It is not clear on if the actual show, Couples Therapy, has reached out to them or not. I think they do need counseling. They have a very odd relationship that I’m not convinced is very healthy. But what do we know? We’re just on the outside looking in.

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