Chi Artist Show What Modern Slavery Looks Like

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Artist Blen displays his work at the Modern Day Slavery Art Show.

On June 8 I was invited to cover the Modern Day Slavery Art Show. Never in my life had I been to an art show and the only ones I saw were in movies or on TV. Before going in I had my mind made up of what it would be like. I envisioned a bunch of people walking around a room with an open layout staring at hanging pictures and reading descriptions of the art on little cards glued to the wall. This event was the exact opposite.

Zeus reveals his art piece Technology Consumes You.

Chicago photographer Larry “Zeus” McGhee (@Asianzeus_) and Brand Cultivator Ryan Snow (@Tellemsnowdidit) were the curators that came up with the idea to have this event to give artist Von D (IG: @deja.jovon), Lauren Victoria (IG:@38ktgold), and Blen (IG:@blenartistry) a chance to interpret what they feel enslaves them. The whole vibe in the space was very chill. It almost felt like being at a kickback with your friends. Everyone there was supporting their friends, family, or however they were related to the artists. Some of the modern day enslavements that were interpreted were mental illness, technology, and society’s idea of stepping on people to get to the top. Art speaks for itself because everyone in the room had their own interpretations of art.

Artist Lauren Victoria shows off her creative skills at the art show.

All the art presented was absolutely beautiful, which made it really hard to pick which was my favorite. But my favorite piece of the night went to Von D. The piece represented someone being in their head so much and overthinking everything, which is something I can relate to. Also, big shout out to Orphin Clothing Brand (IG; @orphin_studios). They were in the building and couldn’t resist buying something. Even my mom, who went with, said, “I love Chicago young people. They are DOPE.”

Be sure to visit the social media pages of these artists to keep up with them and their latest creations.


By BreNae Scott, Senior, Alcorn State University,

IG: @im_alikamarie

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