Chicago City And State Schools In Fall Opening Jeopardy

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The Chicago Teachers Union slammed Gov. Bruce Rauner and CPS CEO Forrest Claypool on Thursday over the possibility of schools not opening in the Fall.

CPS won’t open in the fall without a state budget, or at least an education spending plan since the state has been without a budget for over a year, and legislators failed to ink a deal this spring.

The union is planning a June 22 rally Downtown to put pressure on the state and city to find new revenue for schools.

Claypool’s comments about next school year might be a negotiating tactic between he and Springfield, but said the possibility of school’s being closed to students in September is a possibility.

What’s more likely, is that the district would have enough cash to open doors in the fall but could run out of money in a matter of months, a situation he said was not much better than not opening in the first place.

“What does that say to educators, to parents thinking about moving elsewhere [because of the problem],” he said.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel jumped into the fray Thursday, saying,

“People across the state were looking for solutions. Instead of uniting the governor was dividing. Instead of leading he was playing politics, pitting parents and students in one part of the state against parents and students in another. Right now schools across Illinois need a leader‎, and instead Bruce Rauner is following the Donald Trump playbook of demonizing one group of people for his political advantage.”

The school district has struggled to remain open this school year, as it had to implement millions in cuts and lay off hundreds of teachers and staff to keep enough cash on hand to make it through the year.


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