Chief Keef’s Lyrics Threatening His Career!

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I could have sworn that Chief Keef “found God” while in prison. However, his new unreleased song says otherwise. His new song “You” is explicit in which he raps about murdering a female who refuses to engage in sexual activities.In one part of the song he states,


(Source: Twitter)

Now I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m a Christian. You’ll never catch me singing nor writing a song about killing a man because he refuses to give me sex. That is just not right. I could be tripping but he has a daughter. What message is he giving her? Is he saying that if she doesn’t give sex then she’ll be killed? Why not be the man that he wants his daughter to date or marry later on in life? Or is it okay to date men that are  just like him? Some people don’t know that they’re doing wrong until something happens. I thought him going to jail would’ve been his wake up call.

The rap industry has truly changed. Are the only things we talk about now are sex, guns, money, and murders? I’m confused. Anyway, the song is being petitioned to be banned from Chicago Public Schools. In order to minimize the influence of his friends and his music have on the public, they want to ban it from being played at any school functions and ban websites that play his music. That is affecting his career because once this goes viral then other schools outside of CPS will start doing the same thing. He performs in schools too. That is def messing with his paper.

I mean let’s be real–shall we? Lil Reese has a video of him beating up a female and people think its funny. When did a female getting stomped on by a man become a joke? Why do people even look up to these two? Chief Keef has a daughter and he’s 17. Oh do I need to remind ya’ll that that his unborn child is by an 8th grader.-___- He doesn’t even rap about anything. He’s encouraging violence in Chicago with that “bang bang” phrase. Call me a hater but I’d sign that petition if I were CPS officials. Need to start a petition to ban his music period!

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