Class of 2018, Adulthood Has Begun!

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Well it’s about that time. The class of 2018 is officially out and the class of 2019 is on their way in. I’m here to let you in on a little secret. Yeah, I’m speaking directly to the class of 2018 right now, but I’m also speaking to whoever wants to listen because frankly, it’s better to know now than later.

All your fresh graduates are entering the beginning stages of “adulthood.” This usually happens once you go off to college. Using myself as an example, I have never been away from my parents for an extended period of time, so this will have to be the time where I adapt to learning how to do things on my own.

But don’t think adulthood only happens for you when you go to college. Adulthood can also begin if your starting a new job, joining the military or simply doing things on your own such as paying your own bills and buying all of your necessities on your own. I’ll be honest, I  didn’t expect “life” to happen as quick as it did. Just four years ago, I was sitting at my cousin’s high school graduation, listening to my auntie tell me how this was going to also be me. But of course, at the time I didn’t realize how soon it would be until I was about to start scavenging around retail stores looking for crafts to put inside my dorm room.

Something the youth aren’t always informed of is that you don’t have to have your life completely figured out once we turn 18 years old. In fact, this is where it all begins. When you go off to college you can change your major as much as you would like until you come to a understanding of what’s truly right for you. So don’t feel intimidated when you hit the big 1-8 or when you receive that diploma, because this is the start of a stage in your life. Be open to new life experiences, take advantage of opportunities and take chances that will serve as positive life lessons.

Yeah, it’s still early, but technically adulthood has officially kicked in for you new graduates. It’s an exciting time, so enjoy the ride!


By Trinity Bishop, Freshman, Southern Illinois University

Instagram: @xoxotrin_

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