Company You Keep

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Usually I’m rather long winded, a lot of the time that’s because my blogs are the derivative of something I’ve experienced, that I now feel knowledgeable enough to speak on. This one however, will be quick but meaty. A beef stew of a piece, if you will. As life continues and one takes it upon themselves to venture out into the world to become who they’ve always dreamed, there will be people along the way that you will soon find are essential to not only your life, but the success that becomes of said life.

In a previous piece I mentioned that you simply NEED people to become the best version of yourself. Of course as you maneuver through life you’ll meet tons of people, childhood friends, adolescent life changers, high school sweethearts, college way makers, first job keepsakes etc. So it may be a little difficult to comprehend and then pick out who is needed for what reasons in your success story.

I love all of my friends, I actually dont consider them friends. That word is used so loosely that it has lost its character and most of its value. The gentleman that your significant other knows has eyes for you so he says “There go ya lil friend” meanwhile, you’re not paying him any mind. So the people that have gotten close enough to me for me to consider them my friends, are my family. Extended family to some, but I equate loyalty with blood so, we’re family in my eyes.

Anywho, at 26 years of age, out of college in a new state I finally have all of my essential people. Here’s who you need and why:

Accountability Partner– Your accountability partner is the person that’s going to call you out on your mess! This is the person that is not afraid of you or how you will react to any situation, they know you better than you know yourself, so you trust this person’s advice and sense of judgment. This role is not gender or age sensitive. I have 2 of these in my life one is 18, the other is 33, both female, but very different walks of life.

Dream Chaser– The dream chaser is the person who sees your vision and wants to see you win! Of course they have all of their own life goals, but making sure that you are successful at life, love and happiness is a priority to them. Contrary to popular belief, this role should be filled by your significant other, your dreams should be JUST as important to them as their own. But wait there’s more, this has to be reciprocated! I cannot stress this enough! Dreams just like relationships are full time and they cannot be achieved alone. 100% indulging on both ends of the spectrum.

Soul Relative– Soul relative? Rie went a little deep with this one, stay with me. The soul relative takes the role of lets say strength. This person or person(s) not to be negated to just one entity, is who knows your inner most thoughts. This person knows your biggest fears, your deepest darkest secrets, your insecurities and flaws. Who you were before you began the process of who you are now and who you want to be. This is your diary. Again, not gender or age sensitive. Well Rie, what is the difference between the Soul Relative and the Dream Chaser? Good question.

There are actually a few differences. The soul relative is familiar with all of you, they’ve been there to watch you grow. Literally and figuratively, as humans some time we are in need of a reminder of where we’ve been to understand the severity of where we’re going. This person understands your breakthrough because they were present during your breakdown. It doesn’t have to be a family member, family means different things to different people.

Mirror– Last, but in my opinion, most important. Women are most familiar with the duty of a mirror, we spend good money on them for the house. We put them in our bedrooms, bathrooms, hallway walls, anywhere else we see fit. We make sure that they are as clear as we can get them and we want full length, so we can see everything at once. A mirrors duty is to show your reflection back to you. So how do you equate this with a person? Well, think about it, this person shows you the biggest,most clear version of yourself. The mirror role is pertinent because they are conducive to your growth. When you look in the mirror , the first thing you do is scan your face for any displeasure; scars, marks, dry skin, blemishes etc. This person is the embodiment of all those things.

They are to show you all of the things that you do and do not like about youself and coerce you to alter them for the better. Alot of the time, this person is a child. When you have a bad habit and you see it in your child, you work on fixing it immediately because of the distaste you have for it. This person makes you want to be better on their behalf. They are your reflection to force you to be the best version of you.

You are the company you keep, make sure they’re great.

With Love,

Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

B R I L L I A N T. Successful Project Product. Proud Black Sheep and all around Thoroughbred. 26. Planted in Chicago,IL | Blossomed in Atlanta, GA

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