Coolidge Scholarship For High School Juniors (Deadline Approaching)

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You Guys,

I have found a college scholarship GEM! Of course all scholarships are great and every dollar counts, but just imagine how easy the process would be if money was taken out of the equation… Amazing, right?

Well the Coolidge Scholarship does just that. This is a full ride scholarship that covers room, board, tuition, and total expenses for all four years of undergraduate study. The best part? It can be used at ANY school of your choice. The Coolidge places no boundaries on what school the students must attend to be rewarded the scholarship.

This is a private scholarship funded by the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation and is open to all high school juniors who plan to attend a four year college or university, regardless of major. The foundation will notify you by the end of Junior year on whether or not the scholarship has been awarded to you. Just imagine the load taken off your shoulders if you were go into Senior with one less worry- so APPLY TODAY.

The deadline is fast approaching, February 22nd.

Here is the application link

Good Luck!

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