CPS Grads With High GPA Offered Full Ride To City Colleges

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced today that qualified Chicago Public School students who graduate from high school with a 3.0 or above grade point average would be eligible to guaranteed free tuition at any one of Chicago’s seven City Colleges under a special scholarship program.

The Chicago STAR Scholarship, would include full waivers of tuition and fees, and cover the cost of books which typically cost $4,400 a year for city residents. CPS graduates who place into college-level math and English programs, and enroll in a  “pathway program” can accept the offer.

Waiving the $200-per-credit-hour fee for an associate degree may be the latest in a series of steps by the mayor toward his goal of making all CPS students “100 percent college-ready and 100 percent college-bound.”

Eligible students must first apply for federal and state financial aid. Once those applications are complete, the Star Scholarship will cover costs for up to three years above any state or federal aid the student receives.

The City Colleges of Chicago are continuing to reinvent themselves in an attempt to boost the low percentage of students who transfer to a four-year institution or go on to get bachelor’s degrees while preparing students for jobs in growth industries.

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