Current Crop Of Presidential Candidates Horrible, But I Am Feeling The Bern!

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Barack Obama is slowly but surely finishing his second term. Now it’s time to choose the next President of United States. The presidential race has been really intense. The main candidates in the spotlight are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. As of now, they are at the top. Bernie Sanders is a great candidate, but isn’t getting the attention he deserves.

Sanders has wonderful intentions and ideas for bettering America. He wants to raise minimum wage to $15, so no one who works forty hours a week lives in poverty. He also wants to make tuition free at public colleges and universities in America. All of his plans might not be possible, but at least someone is trying. Sort of like President Roosevelt. Donald Trump isn’t a candidate that fits the president of the United States. The president shouldn’t be racist or sexist. Donald Trump constantly makes fun of people and talks about people. He just isn’t fit to be president. Hillary Clinton is basically the same person as Donald Trump, the only differences are that Donald Trump is very open with his thoughts and Hillary Clinton isn’t. Clinton is way more down low with her thoughts and opinions.

Also, the obvious, the parties that they are running for. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have won many states already. Bernie Sanders wants to help. He wants to seriously better America. Lately, social media has been comparing Adolf Hitler to Donald Trump. Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump both wanted to make (insert country here) great again. They both disliked a specific group of people. Adolf Hitler being Jews and Donald Trump being the Muslims. They both think the people they don’t like should wear special ID’s. They also both blamed a specific group of people for their problems, the Jews for Germany’s and the immigrants for America’s.

Obviously, we don’t want someone like that running our country. Bernie Sanders supports the “Black Life Matters” movements. Bernie Sanders does not receive the respect he deserves. Don’t you wonder what life would be like in America with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as president? Bernie Sanders is everyone’s best choice. I hope someone comes to their senses before it’s too late.

Destini Lindsey, Junior, ChiArts

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