Dance,Cry,Live,and Learn

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Paramore is back with their 5th album that is a follow-up to their 2013 self-titled album. After four years, Paramore still has the ability to deliver a new fresh sound while serving relatable lyrics like, “No I don’t need no help I can sabotage me by myself.”

The lead single and first track on the album is “Hard Times.” With a new wave sound and 80’s vibe, Hayley sings about how life shows no mercy upon you,  the problems that it throws at you, and after going through these hard times you question how you make it. As you go through this journey of electro pop/alternative, you’ll want to dance but also you’ll take away the idea of growing up, learning to forgive, moving on as well as holding on to hope.

In their song “26,” Hayley sings about how she has changed her perspective on life through experiences. She has learned that it’s okay to dream and be hopeful even if the dream doesn’t work out. In the bridge she sings, “Reality will break your heart/Survival will not be the hardest part/it’s keeping all your hopes alive when all the rest of you has died/So let it break your heart.” You hear the emotion in her voice that can bring you to the verge of tears.

The band’s eighth track, “Grudges,” is based on a true experience back in 2016. Hayley and Taylor York (guitarist and vocalist) ran into to ex-member Josh Farro and since they hadn’t talked in roughly six years since him and his brother’s departure from the band, they decided it was time to end the silence and make up. As Paramore put it, “We can’t keep holding on to grudges”. They wrap up the album with an emotional ballad. Hayley hits you hard with the bridge singing, ”You keep me up with your silence/Take me down with your quiet/Of all the weapons you fight with your silence is the most violent.”

Look into getting this album. You’re sure to take something away from it.

By: Monique Petty-Ashmeade, Sophomore, Brooks College Prep

Twitter: wallflower.aesthetic

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