De’Arra & Ken Visit Fans On Tour

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If you’re between the ages of 13 and 21 and someone asked you who were the popular couples that everyone knew, one of the couples mentioned is undoubtedly De’arra & Ken. In the past couple years, these two young adults have become the epitome of relationship goals.

From viral photos on social media to a YouTube channel with 2.8 million and constantly growing subscribers, these two are definitely getting more well known every day. They are loved for their travel vlogs, challenges, and pranks with fans in every city and across the pond.

I personally know the excitement of being able to meet and chat with my favorite YouTubers and how cool it feels to run into them during the day. In order to bring this feeling to a larger number of supporters, De’arra and Ken are going on tour!

On the tour, the couple will be doing many of the things common on their channel such as challenges, pranks, and exclusive story times. Additionally, the couple really paid attention and realized that their fans don’t just want to see them on stage, but want to have a personal moment and interaction, so each and every person that purchases a ticket to their event will get to do a meet and greet and get a picture.

It’s amazing to me that De’arra & Ken started off as a regular couple just sharing their photos but are now known all over social media with a huge fan base. They’re so positive and seem to genuinely love each other and have grown. I love that these two have become influencers and role models for youth. Can’t wait to see where this year takes these two!

Stay tuned for an upcoming video on they’re channel with dates and details.

Will You Be There???

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