Don’t Be Like Blac Chyna

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BALTIMORE, MD – FEBRUARY 11: Singer/rapper Mechie plays in ‘Flow Weekend’ Celebrity Basketball Bash game at Talmadge L. Hill Field House at Morgan State University on February 11, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images)

Blac Chyna has been in the news before but never for something as inappropriate as her latest headline. She has had baby mama drama with Rob Kardashian when he posted her nudie pics, and on February 19, a sex tape of her and a mysterious man–who may or may not be her ex Meechie–was leaked to Twitter. Hours later the post began circulating all over the world.

Chyna, how do you give permission to somebody to record you during sex? Second question: What exactly are you doing to provoke these men to behave the way that they do? Chyna’s background is already sketchy, so to have this sex tape out here makes it worse. Chyna being exposed is old news. She obviously doesn’t think of her daughter Dream when she does these things. Now Dream is going to grow up and be embarrassed.

According to People TV Watch, after the sex tape was leaked, Chyna decided to go to the police about it. She appears  clueless about how the sex tape got out. Either she knows and doesn’t want the media to know or she’s afraid of what else might get out. Either way, she is dealing with a serious case of revenge porn.

Lawyer/author Lisa Bloom, commented on situations like this one on Twitter saying, “Revenge porn–posting explicit images without the consent of everyone in those images–is a crime, a civil wrong, and a form of domestic abuse. It’s also a way to try to slut shame women for being sexual. Girls have killed themselves over revenge porn. It’s not a joke.”

In another tweet Bloom added, “Whether a woman knows she’s being recorded is not the issue. Whether she consented to posting is. Our bodies, our choice, each and every time.”

Ladies, let Blac Chyna’s misfortune be an example to you: Don’t do husband things with a boyfriend. Nine times out of ten things won’t go as planned and you’ll be the one left with a broken heart as well as a ruined reputation. If a guy says nobody will see the nudie video or it’s just for him, best believe that he’s definitely letting his homies see it. Worse case scenario, he could use it to blackmail you. If you still decide to do something this stupid knowing the consequences, you really need help. This behavior ain’t cool, cute, funny, or attractive. It gives you a bad name and can alter your future even if you don’t want it to. Do yourself a favor and leave the sex videos alone. You might not recover.

By Jameela Walker, Junior, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep

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