Exclusive “Get Out” Movie Review

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Courtesy of NBC Universal, on behalf on True Star I was invited to a movie screening in Los Angeles last night to see a thriller entitled, “Get Out.” In theaters Feb 24th!  The initial trailer for this movie was released last year in October and the release date was pushed back. This movie was directed and written by Jordan Peele and salute to him because it’s #BlackHistoryMonth and he’s black! My people of color can do any & everything.  This film was written so well and the acting was so legit! Without giving the movie away I will try my best to give you an idea of what it is about. I haven’t seen a good horror/thriller movie like this for some years! Even though this is a horror film, there were only a few good jumps out the seat so if you get scared easily you should be fine as long as someone is with you. 🙂


Let me be your BLACK MOVIE CRITIC! 

*Please note this movie is not demonic



An African American man named Chris (Co- Star in Netflix Original Series Black Mirror) who is dating Rose whom is Caucasian decides to visit his girlfriend’s parents Estate in the woods for the weekend. As soon as I saw them driving deeper and deeper into the woods I just was irritated, because personally I’m not visiting anyone who lives in the woods. But that’s how these psycho girlfriends are trapping the fellas in these situations now days.

This movie is pretty much a psychological horror film. It gets in your head and feels sooo real.


The couple seems to be truly in love. The film really does make it seem as though Rose genuinely is in love with Chris, so you get kind of confused trying to pan out Rose and her intentions. Does she feel as though her family is weird, just like Chris does? That is the question and a question I unfortunately can’t really answer.

If you are thinking this movie is about people being Racist against black people,


Black in this movie is a Novelty: A Trophy.  The people of the town notice that African American people are special/different primarily because of their characteristics which may be for example their body type, strength and so on. So what do they want? Sorry I can’t tell you that either…

The family specifically the mother, a psychiatrist hypnotizes Chris which allows him to go back into a dark tragedy that happened in his life as a young boy. Unfortunately, the first hypnosis has an effect on Chris for the entire film.

Throughout the entire movie , you want to know whats going to happen next. #AnnoyedButExcited

The plot takes you exactly where you need to be when you need to be there. You really just need to go see the movie which is in theaters Feb 24th! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks Universal!



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