Flashback Friday: The Wayans Bros.

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“Look up, Marlon! Say cheese!” Hello and welcome to another edition of Flashback Friday! If you are familiar with the picture above, you know that I will be venturing to the mid-nineties when brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans had their own TV show called, The Wayans Bros.

The Wayans Bros., which originally aired from 1995-1999, followed brothers Shawn and Marlon who lived in Harlem and operated a newsstand near the dad Pops, played by John Witherspoon.  In season two, the three characters were later joined by Dee who was a security guard in the building their businesses were located.


Of the two brothers, Shawn was the responsible owner of the newsstand and Marlon was the goofy brother normally seen attracting trouble. Pops, who ran Pops’ Diner, was a tacky dressing, head-smacking man who was always there to give advice when needed. The Wayans Bros. aired for five seasons.

Since starring on The Wayans Bros., both Shawn and Marlon Wayans have gone on to produce hit movies such as White Chicks, Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2 and Fifty Shade of Black, which is a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey. Marlon has a new show loosely based in his life called, Marlon which has been picked up by NBC. For the next acting collaboration for the two brothers, they have revealed that there is a White Chicks 2 in the making.


Do you remember watching The Wayans Bros.? Comment below!

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