‘Formation’ Tour Tickets Sell Out, but What About The Anti-Beyonce Rally?

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After her epic Superbowl performance we all know about the anti-Beyonce’ rally that was planned to take place. Did it happen? It sure did, in fact lots of people showed up, three to be exact, but hundreds and thousands which were on Beyonce’s side. The anti-Beyoncé rally turned into a Bey-hive party.Fans of the queen showed up with their own messages cheering on Mrs. Carter in regards to black pride and an end to police brutality. “It’s bigger than Beyoncé,” one protester said. “There’s actually no better thing to do for Beyoncé than to declare that black lives do matter.”


On another note,  this weekend, Queen Bey sold out venues across the globe and now she’s added new tour dates due to high demand. Sold out shows include London, Sunderland, Manchester, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. The same can be said for dates in the States. Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Toronto, our home Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, and Baltimore. Who’s anti-Beyoncé now? Come on folks, it just won’t happen.

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