Four Underestimated Items You’ll Need For College

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If you are like many incoming college freshmen, you are most likely getting yourself together for your very first semester or quarter of college life. Here are a few of the most underestimated items you should bring in your suitcases or buy for your dorm.


I learned from my high school experience that headphones are definitely essential. I don’t understand how some students can walk any college campus or path without their favorite music! It makes the journey a little more enjoyable and can even pep you up for an exam. Another cool thing about headphones/earbuds is that you can avoid all the social interactions that you DON’T want to have. Oh, and if you happen to hear someone in the dorm room next door enjoying themselves a little too loudly, pop your earbuds in and listen to some soothing music to fall asleep to.

Mini Fridge

Depending on the university, you may not have to purchase a new mini refrigerator. BUT, I definitely will. My dorm’s mini fridge is unbelievably small and I’ve gotten tips from upperclassmen to just purchase a new one because it’s definitely a need. You need enough space to refrigerate leftovers to get you through the week if you’re broke, to separate your food and beverages from your roommate, and to have another option from eating dorm food. If you’re not able to purchase a new fridge, just make the most of what you have.


These are another heavily underrated item to bring to college. Batteries can be essential for your calculator, television remote, smoke detectors, portable fans, flashlights and more. Our most used items run out of juice at the least expected time. Even if you think you won’t need to use batteries for anything, keep them around just in case. It’s better to be over-prepared instead of underprepared. That way you’re ready to escape any battery-related jam.

Sewing Kit

The first time I ripped any pair of my jeans or leggings, I was ready to throw them completely away. They were small rips and I thought about how I was going to have to purchase so many new pairs. That was until I realized that the rips were small enough to sew. While you’re in college, money may not always be available to buy new clothes. This is why having a sewing kit and knowing how to fix minor tears or sew on buttons yourself is important. If you don’t know how to, then it’s never too late to learn. YouTube can help.


By Kori A. Barnes, Freshman, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Twitter: @korixnicole

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