[From BxKe ] New Year, Old Fashion (Better Late Than Never) #BussaFit

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Latrice Johnson, 19, Kenwood                            Cayci Jeter, 16, De LaSalle

Lol I seriously couldn’t pic just two pics for Latrice! I obviously love her and the looks she serves. Always in style, from the slick back hair do to the thigh highs. I can’t pick a fave of these three outfits, I love them all!


Tyme Anderson, 17, South Shore College Prep      Tarrielle Franklin, 17, Kenwood

We never actually visit our roots but we’re always reppin in a classy way with a little touch of ourselves! My girls look so cute in their shirt dresses.


Asjah Coleman, 17, South Shore College Prep

Wide leg trousers were a trend last summer but I never found a pair that was cute on me. I like Asjah’s effortless kill with them. I’m not a fan of print but she makes it look so cute!


Eric Wilson, 18, Kenwood

I haven’t mentioned a little street fashion but it has my heart eyes as well. It’s important to keep it simple and cute because less is more and that’s what my boy does. Btw, every dude needs a pair of ones in his closet.


Brittany Wilson, 17, Kenwood

My girl Brit never disappoints but my all time fave fashion statement last year from her has to be when she dressed up as Alicia Silverstone, the character from clueless!


Ismael Vega, 19, KSU and Demi Powell,18, SIU

I can’t recall most of the looks I liked for prom season in 2015 but I know that my babies Ish and Demi slayed both individually and together. (They weren’t each other’s date lol). This burgundy color really complimented their skin tones!

All Are B x Ke Fashion Approved!

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