[From BxKe] New Year, Old Fashion!

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Tatiana Worlds,17, Kenwood Academy

Tati slayed in the most casual way possible. I’m in love with the dress in the first pick but I love the second pic more overall. Slick back and pointy toed heels are a must.Pic2  Tariell Franklin, 17, Kenwood Academy      Arieon Moore, 17, Kenwood Academy

I’m a huge fan of denimXdenim but if you ever ever want to slay denim it looks so much better when they aren’t the same color denim. I’m an even bigger fan of a pop color lip and shoe!


  Lakela Bailey 17, Lindblom H.S.   Tyree Burnett, 17, Kenwood Academy

I don’t know any of guy that slays better than my Ty and he does it so effortlessly. Simple is always best and every gentleman should have button ups and loafers in his closet!

Last but not least, me, ya girl, your favorite! I honestly don’t have many pics of my fits from 2015 but I loved this look from this night. I’m making it my resolution to do so lol. I couldn’t find an actual dress to fit the description of what I wanted so I bought this blazer and turned it into one. Ankle boot heels that are fitted are another one of my faves! 🙂

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