G Herbo Private Listening Session “Humble Beast” (Recap)

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Lil Herb, G Herbo, you can start an argument over those two names around certain circles. It determines if you’ve been following this Chicago native since the beginning of his musical journey or since his transition into the famous hood messiah he has become. Once again, that depends on who you talk to.
Herbo has not only been preparing for his moment with his new album “Humble Beast” but he’s been perfecting a version of story telling that goes with the city of Chicago that not many artists can duplicate. In fact, he’s the only artist that has created a certain balance of true pain loss and a absolute hustle mentality fused to describe what Chicago hoods can be not just for himself, but for so many that have passed away to gun violence and police brutality.
Last night I had the opportunity to listen to the album for the first time and the power you can’t even comprehend. This is truly a new creative step for Herb. It’s still the same artist but it’s definitely a work of art. With features from Lil Uzi Vert and others G Herbo has a great collective piece of art on his hands.
-Thought Poet Christopher Brown

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