Get To Know Rap Game Season 2 Winner Mani

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For the past 10 weeks, 5 of the best and most popular kid rappers were going through the Jermaine Dupri boot camp on the Rap Game Season 2, all vying for a gold chain, record deal, and to become the newest signee on So So Def.

After weeks of a grueling competition, the underdog, Mani, came out on top.

Mani is 16 years old, from South Central, LA, and has got enough swag to chill with other rap legends from that area. He’s got a super relaxed and laid back vibe, that Jermaine Dupri calls “too cool for school.” But, when Mani gets on the mic, he’s a beast with hella swag that just screams California.

From the first day, Jermaine noticed Mani’s potential to sell, based on both his look and his sound. He’s right, Mani fits right in with other members of So So Def.

Despite the fact he was never deemed #1 on the weekly Hit List, Mani always stood out and was a favorite of Bow Wow, Snoop Dogg, and Mariah Carey.

Jermaine Dupri feels that he could turn Mani into a star, and I have no doubt about that, because that is definitely his area of expertise, making kids superstars.

Here is some of Mani’s music:






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