Girls Ain’t Sh*t Either!

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Most of the time it’s boys that play the villain in the relationship every time something goes wrong. And girls scream “all dudes ain’t sh*t,” but in all reality, us girls ain’t sh*t either.  We cheat, lie, and manipulate the same way guys do if not worse. Still we play the victim role no matter what and sometimes we’re given props by our other female friends for “playing them the same way they do us.” Even if it’s the smallest thing, if done by male, it would’ve been turned into a bigger situation.

If a girl were to play with multiple guys’ feelings because she was bored, it might be looked over by her female peers, but those same girls would be so hurt if the same were done to them by a dude. Next thing you know they’re posting “all boys are the same, and they ain’t sh*t.” People have their arguments for why either sex should be blamed more or less for their actions. Angela Murillo, a junior at Lane Tech High School, says, “Sometimes guys look at it like it’s easier for girls to cheat, that’s why it’s a bigger deal when it happens.”  With that said, I understand that females are more likely to have better results asking a dude to hook up then it would be for a male to ask a female to hook up.

Now some would agree that as a female, I should be on the female’s side when it comes to situations like this. I’m on both sides. When girls do certain things that a dude’s homies would give him props for they’re labeled as thots and sluts, which is just as unfair as all dudes being blamed for choices other guys make. No one is safe in this society with their rules and social beliefs. Everyone will play a part in their faults and depending on when, where, and who, they’ll take more or less criticism for the things they do. But still that doesn’t give females a pass to not be called “ain’t sh*t” for the same things males get called “ain’t sh*t” for. If you ask me, we all ain’t sh*t.


By Taliah Brooks, Junior, Westinghouse

IG: @im.liahh

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