Girls Trip: A Revelation

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girls tripLike majority of the black women in this country I went to see Girls Trip with rather high expectations. I was NOT disappointed. The movie made me laugh, cry, and get angry and talk to the television. I danced and lusted over Mr. Kofi Siriboe with the rest of the female audience and by the end of the film I terribly missed my girls. As a HBCU graduate like the women in the film, I thoroughly understood all too well the hype around Essence Festival and wanting to be there with my gang. Grambling is located in the northern region of Louisiana, but every event that went on in favor of southern Louisiana tradition, I tried to make myself apart of it. The only event I have yet to attend is Essence Fest. Watching the film took me on an emotional ride through my entire 4 years and all of the things that I learned while there, that I strongly believe I wouldn’t have learned if I were anywhere else.

The life of Ryan Pierce, played by the beautiful Regina Hall mixed with the fire of Dina,played by new fire cracker Tiffany Haddish (Who I’m ROOTING for by the way) resonated with me the most. Ryan, is a successful author and lifestyle coach whose brand is built on her picture-perfect marriage to Stewart, played by Mike Colter (bka Luke Cage) . Ryan’s keynote address at the Essence Festival, which draws hundreds of thousands to New Orleans each year is the event to bring the squad back together. Dina is working her office job and living on the edge. Not caring too much about what people think or have to say about her. I am both of this women in my circle of friends. Picking up my life and moving away from everything and everybody I know and love was always a part of the plan. However, when that time came I was just as unprepared to execute as I was when it was merely a thought. Your true friends will understand that sometimes you have to get away to make a way.

Girls Trip spoke to the spirituality behind sisterhood and placed a microscope on how important it really is to the black woman. Life after college graduation is everything we hoped it wouldn’t be. Hard, gritty, tiring, sad and rarely eventful. So the link up with the people who seen you struggle is necessary. The difficult part comes in when you’re living a life like Lisa or Sasha, forcing you to deal with the woes of adulthood. When the cameras were off and the crowd was gone Ryan had to deal with life as it was and she couldn’t hide anymore. Sometimes we’re so caught up in being strong and perfect as women that we forget that it’s ok to be vulnerable. We shrug off the sentiments because we have things to do. But your friends. Your girls, your own Flossy Posse, are the mirrors you can not escape. I’ll be going on a girls trip to Puerto Rico as of Tuesday morning and it couldn’t be more necessary at the time. Seems like the storms know the right time to come, but you have to make sure there’s a way to destress and rejuvenate, it’s essential to mental health these days.

Will Packer, producer of the film is a black man that knew exactly what to put on screen. He knew that these 4 beautiful women would be the “definition of empowerment” and would light a black magical fire in Hollywood. There are more to come with Atlanta being the No.1 market beating out NY and LA. I’m just happy to be here to witness it. If you haven’t seen Girls Trip, as a sista you owe it to yourself!

With Love,
Storie Stone

The Storie WIll Be Televised

B R I L L I A N T. Successful Project Product. Proud Black Sheep and all around Thoroughbred. 26. Planted in Chicago,IL | Blossomed in Atlanta, GA

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