Grow Up! Don’t Be A Bum Who Bums Off Your Fam

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We all reach that age in life when we must “flee the nest” and begin to build a life independently. Living with your parents is sooo sweet growing up because everything is on them. From paying for your food, buying your clothes and shoes, giving you money, the list goes on and on. That cannot last forever, and to be honest who wants to live with their parents forever anyway? Even going away to college or the military gives you that sense of living life as an adult. I know for a fact that once I get my life plans together and get on my feet, I’ll be spreading my wings and flying fast and far away from my mother’s house. Don’t get me wrong I love my mom to pieces, but I can’t be under her roof until I’m wrinkled and toothless. Even though she might like the idea of that LOL! Some parents can’t wait for the day when their nest is finally empty. Moving out can be difficult if you’re not ready, but for the parents of 30-year-old Michael Rotondo when desperate times came they had no choice but to take desperate measures.

Mark and Christina Rotondo filed what’s called a “failure to launch” lawsuit when their son Michael refused to move out of their home. After MULTIPLE eviction letters to their son, including the ignored incentives they gave to financial assistance him in getting a place of his own, it left them with no choice but to get the lawyers involved. In court on May 22, New York State Supreme Court Judge Donald Greenwood ruled in the favor of the parents giving Michael 30 days to leave their home. Of course, he claimed he would appeal this decision because he needs six more months. Most adults move out somewhere between the ages of 22-24. This dude is 30!

Our parents only want the best for us and will support any decision we make, good or bad. If you’re at that point in life where it’s almost time to “spread your wings,” make sure your transition is smooth. Having a plan can make moving out easy, but be sure you can afford living on your own. It’s not just about moving out; having financial stability is what’s most important. Nothing in life is free, even being an adult. When you do decide to leave, have somewhere to move too as well. The last thing you want is to have to move back in with your parents because you were never really prepared to go in the first place. Remember that as long as you’re under their roof you’ll be living by their rules.

Michael ended up moving out earlier than expected. According to USA TODAY he left the New York home on May 31st. He will live in an Airbnb and after that will crash on his cousin’s couch until he can find something permanent. As far as his parents are concerned, Michael says they will never speak again.

What finally encouraged the move? A $3,000 donation from celebrity conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. It’s sad that the situation turned out the way it did, but let Michael’s experience be a lesson to you to prepare yourself for adulthood.


By BreNae Scott, Senior, Alcorn State University

Instagram: @im_alikamarie

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